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About me:

First and foremost, I love being a designer. I love the variety. I like the social aspect (meeting with clients and coworkers, presenting my ideas), the intellectual (getting to the bottom of what what a client *really* needs, not just what they ask for), working on my own (buried in the screen for hours), and the physical (changing the paper on a poster printer, lugging boxes of collateral to an event, rigging up an impromptu photo studio). You know what else? I like the "boring" stuff as well. The 15th revision–that is when patience and skill really come into play. Having a great idea is thrilling, but finding a way to implement it within the constraints of time and budget and medium is also a creative process, and one I enjoy.

In my over 15 years as a designer, I have developed advanced skills in PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office, and intermediate skills in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Dreamweaver, Flash, Powerpoint, Keynote, digital photography, and retouching. I generate content (text, photos, event promotion) for social media. I have experience working with vendors, including color printers, prepress and digital imaging service bureaus, PR firms, advertising agencies, photographers, and illustrators.


Resume highlights:

Full-time in-house positions:

SomaFM, NASA Ames Research Center, McKinsey & Company, OQO Inc., PRTM, Hargreaves Associates, Xigo.

Recent freelance clients:

League of Women Voters of California, Teneo, Civicorps Schools, Moshi Audio, Innovative Renovation Concepts, Subutai Corporation, Igigi, Green Owl Accelerator, The San Francisco Skateboard Company, Jeff Jouppi Design, No Small Change, DripTech, David Donn Consulting, Finale Services, Solutions Naturopathic Care, The Real Sippin’ Whiskeys.


“Merin takes a holistic approach to graphic design that considers the audience, the message and the medium. Having worked with Merin for more than 10 years, she is my go-to creative person for designs that are compelling and effective.”

Susan Stillings
Principal, Stillings Communications

Merin McDonell's Design Portfolio. Graphic, visual and UI design